Praise for Sometimes Brilliant

Sometimes Brilliant is simply remarkable. Filled with inspiration and humor, Larry Brilliant’s memoir chronicles his spiritual and professional journey that includes fighting for social justice in America and helping to eradicate smallpox in India. Sometimes Brilliant is a candid assessment of a tumultuous time and an insider’s account of what can be achieved through the sheer force of a shared vision.”

Sheryl Sandberg
COO of Facebook and bestselling author of Lean In

“Larry Brilliant has been an incredible inspiration to me, as a spiritual advisor, teacher and friend. He has dedicated his life to helping others and making the world a better place-from eradicating smallpox to addressing global inequality. Larry also helped ignite my personal passion for advancing children’s healthcare and for that, I’m grateful. His life story is nothing short of remarkable and this book will serve as an enduring inspiration for many generations to come.”

Marc Benioff
Chairman and CEO, Salesforce

“Great things happen when the best minds of a generation put their differences aside and join forces to make the world a better place. Sometimes Brilliant is more than just a piece of medical history. Larry Brilliant tells an inspiring and compelling story of a truly global effort that crossed boundaries, defied political ideologies and serves to this day as a case study on the amazing power of collaboration.”

Richard Branson
Founder of Virgin Group

“Larry Brilliant has touched many lives in person all over the world. The famous, the not so famous, the establishment and the counter-culture all figure in this remarkable memoir. Sometimes Brilliant will touch still more lives with its humanity. An extraordinary life extraordinarily well-lived.”

Stephan Chambers
The Marshall Institute for Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship, London School of Economics

“I couldn’t have made up a story half as interesting or thought provoking as what I just read in these pages. Hard to put down and easy to feel inspired, Sometimes Brilliant should really be titled Simply Brilliant. This terrific book brings to light the power of the karmic yoga path. Do yourself a favor and read it.”

Chade-Meng Tan
New York Times bestselling author of Search Inside Yourself and Joy on Demand

“Truly magnificent. Sometimes Brilliant mixes a gripping story, a primer on compassionate service, and a guide to purpose-driven social action into a can’t-stop-reading narrative. Larry Brilliant tells an entrancing tale, one we need more than ever: as us-and-them hate gains the spotlight, he restores faith in the power of unity toward a greater good. Sometimes Brilliant is in turns wise, funny, and inspiring — and always terrific.”

Daniel Goleman
Author Emotional Intelligence and A Force for Good

“What do you get when you cross Steve Jobs’ India with Wavy Gravy and the Grateful Dead, Google with the PayPal Founders? What a welcome relief to see this story of someone with soul and a great healing spirit coming out of Silicon Valley, to actually – literally – help in saving the world. This is the wonderful book we will all give to our children, as they look for mentors and career inspiration – after staying up reading it ourselves.”

Mark Anderson
CEO, Strategic News Service

Sometimes Brilliant is a miracle story and a love affair. But not what you’d think. The miracle is the transformation of a young hippie doctor, Larry Brilliant, into a frontline worker on WHO’s smallpox campaign in India – the last place on earth where this awful disease persisted. The love affair is with our guru, Maharaj-ji. Maharaj-ji said smallpox would be eradicated by a benevolent God who would lift this one form of suffering from humanity, and that he, Larry, would be blessed to be part of that great story. With that blessing Larry Brilliant, M.D. was transformed into Doctor America. Along the way Larry’s heart opened, and he learned a lot about suffering and love in what became a lifelong path of service.”

Ram Dass

Sometimes Brilliant is an epic, life transforming story, about the triumph of Love against all odds. Larry’s mystic, long & winding hippie trail emerges from the era of sex, drugs & rock & roll & leads toward saving the world’s poor from deadly diseases. Our globe urgently needs Doctor America’s vision. Brilliant is an eye opening tale of a true super hero, friend of humanity & servant of God. In Brilliant, readers will see an America which is hopeful, fearless & champion of the underdog. Sometimes Brilliant should be required reading for students at all Universities across the globe & for world leaders who want to find creative solutions to overcome the myriad threats of the 21st century.”

Salman Ahmad
Founder of the rock band Junoon, Professor of Islamic music at Queens College, Polio Goodwill Ambassador & author of Rock & Roll Jihad

“This is the story of life that you couldn’t make up if you tried. Inspiring, terrifying, touching and transcendent, with a cast of characters from the widest possible spectrum of humanity. Dr. Brilliant takes us on the last leg of a relay race against a horrible death that mankind has waited 10,000 years to complete – while also engaging us on his inner journey of discovery, despair and ultimately triumph. You can hear the knock on the door of a billion house calls in his prose, his love and a lifelong journey that celebrates the human experience. An astounding book to treasure and devour. Dr. Brilliant is a superstar and I am honored to be a small part of the effort to let everyone else in on the secret.”

Jay Walker

“Dr. Larry is more than sometimes brilliant. He has written an epic tale about the massive program to eradicate smallpox from the face of the globe, as predicted by our guru, Neem Karoli Baba. He combines the deep tenets of living a spiritual life with an activist’s heart-full desire to relieve suffering-the perfect illustration of what is meant by fulfilling your life purpose through karma yoga. And his brilliant light shines on.”

Parvati Markus
author of Love Everyone: The Transcendent Wisdom of Neem Karoli Baba Told Through the Stories of the Westerners Whose Lives He Transformed

“Smallpox raged across India, sickening tens of thousands. Enter a “young, bearded, Hindi-speaking hippie doctor,” as the WHO officer labelled the 29-year-old American. No one but Larry Brilliant could honestly tell his tale of smallpox eradication, dropping names like Ken Kesey, Wavy Gravy, Arthur Miller, Baba Ram Dass, Timothy Leary, the Dalai Lama and the Hog Farm alongside some of the greatest heroes in the history of public health. Yes, Children, this is how the disease that in the 20th Century killed more people than all the era’s wars, combined, was eradicated.”

Laurie Garrett
Council on Foreign Affairs, and author of The Coming Plague